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EI Data User Agreement

The persons represented in the Union Army (UA) data of the Early Indicators Project (EI) are deceased veterans of the Union Army. Demographic, socio-economic, family, and medical data in the data sets come from the veterans' pension files, compiled military service records, and carded military records, all of which are available to the public at the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C. The EI Project has also linked, where possible, the pension and military records of the veterans to several censuses, as well as to city-, fort-, and county-level public health information.

Each veteran's individual record has been assigned a unique identifier, known as a recruit identification number (recidnum). The recidnum is usually sufficient to integrate information from the various data sources and assign the records therein to the appropriate veteran.

Investigators who require datasets that include private information must agree to the terms listed below. Note that this agreement applies to all co-investigators, including students and research assistants, is not transferable, and does not expire.

  • I will not use EI data, including the Union Army (UA) data, in any way except for research and analysis.
  • Reporting of research will be in aggregate, with all names and other personal individual identifiers (addresses, etc.) expunged.
  • I will ensure that the data with identifiers are kept in a physically/electronically secured environment and permit only users who have agreed to abide by these terms to have access to the identifiers.
  • I will acknowledge in all published and unpublished reports based on these data that the source of the data is the Early Indicators Project, and credit the National Institutes of Health as the funding organization. The program project is identified by the number P01 AG10120. Dora L. Costa is the Principal Investigator.
  • I will not charge any fee, nor permit anyone in my group to charge a fee, for the use of the data, identified or unidentified.
  • The EI Project requests that a courtesy copy of any publications resulting from the use of the data sets be provided to the Director of Research and Operations.
  • I understand that the assurances I am providing are in accordance with EI policy and EI Project's obligations under its federal grant.