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Data Overview

The Early Indicators of Later Work Levels, Disease and Death (EI) project created three large data sets of Civil War veterans that can be used for longitudinal studies of demographic, epidemiological and economic processes. The Data Extraction System is designed to enable users to access those data sets. To learn about the various data samples of unique Civil War populations collected in these data sets, click here.

The Early Indicators project is comprised of three principal data sets:

Military, the largest data set, includes both wartime service and medical records and post-war applications for pension support. The second data set, Disease (Surgeons' Certificates), is comprised of detailed medical examinations certifying the veterans' health and disability status. Census, the third data set, contains information available in the U.S. Federal Censuses for those veterans researchers were able to locate. All individuals in the Early Indicators data can be linked across data sets by means of a unique identification number, located in variable recidnum.

Bulk Download
Download entire data collections. All data sets, included the Derived/Generated data set and all data samples are available as bulk downloads. Note: These files are very large, and may take significant time to download.

The following samples are available as bulk downloads:

  • Veterans' Children's Census samples, including POW, non-POW, and Andersonville Brothers.
  • Union Army
  • Indiana/Wisconsin (subset of UA sample)
  • Original USCT
  • Expanded USCT
  • Andersonville
  • Urban
Codebooks (PDF) and User Guides
Access documentation and user guides. Note: The Codebooks PDF files are very large, and may take significant time to download. Most users will be better served using the Data Extraction System that comes with a customized user guide associated with each extract.

For assistance with data extraction, please contact our Research Manager.

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Data Extraction

The data extraction system is currently offline. We apologize for any inconvenience. All data in the extraction system can be found in the bulk downloads. If there are any questions or concerns about how to use the bulk downloads, please use the Contact Us page to direct your inquiries to the correct person.

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