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2017 UA Data User Meeting Presentations

Data 101

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Limitations of Data and Conditions of Use

Please check all of the following boxes to indicate that you have read about the limitations of the EI data and you agree to abide by the conditions of use

All persons are granted a limited license to use and distribute these data, but you may not charge a fee for the data if you distribute it to others.

Publications and research reports based on the database must be cited appropriately. For information on proper citation refer to citation and use page.

We request that non-academic users read and sign a copy of the EI Data User Agreement. The agreement can be viewed here. A signed copy of the agreement should be sent to the Research Manager.

We request that users send us a copy of any publications, research reports, or educational material making use of EI data or documentation. For information on where to send your work, refer to the contact us page.

Please estimate the size of your extract and refrain from making any extract larger than 500 megabytes. If you need a larger extract, break it up into pieces and merge them later. For assistance in doing this, contact the Research Manager.